Rising Threat of Coronavirus – Where does Pakistan stand?


A rising issue has put a lot of lives at risk recently, and people are wondering if there are any safety measures that our government should take to eliminate the fatal threat hanging atop.

Coronavirus was first identified in Wuhan, China – A wet Market, which was believed of selling animals, both living and dead including fish and birds.

Since the discovery of the deadly virus, there has been about 81,000 cases of people who have been infected by it and more than 2,700 deaths were recorded due to Coronavirus infection.

At this point it is difficult to state that how far this virus would spread but it has already started affecting the middle-eastern regions and has known to already have stepped-in inside Pakistan. People of Pakistan are curious to determine whether the government of Pakistan is capable of handling such a threat, considering that all the neighbor countries have identified numerous confirmed cases, including Afghanistan and Iran, with whom our country has a stretched.

Moreover, observers have researched and taken it to social media platforms raising concerns regarding Coronavirus and whether it could spread further deep inside Pakistan and debating on how they could prevent it.

However, Pakistan government continues to confirm that there have been no official reports on coronavirus spread in Pakistan and no cases have officially been confirmed.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has issued hyped screening at airports, especially entry points of the affected countries are also in question. Furthermore, Pakistan has issued a closed border action against quarantined people in order to prevent the virus from spreading in Pakistan.

There have been reports on Afghanistan closing off its borders with Iran and have also put a stop on the poultry product import from Iran and Pakistan. Afghanistan has also closed off its borders with Iran and curiously enough, stopped import of poultry products from Iran and Pakistan.

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