28 Mega Projects in Quetta Launched by the Government

mega projects in quetta

Islamabad: According to a news source, to resolve the civic issues, 28 mega projects in Quetta to build the city on modern lines by the Baluchistan government.

The provincial government budget huge fund under the Quetta Development package. The package is earmarked to improve the infrastructure of the city by development projects, said the Parliamentary Secretary of Information Bushra Rind.

Further said that to facilitate cancer patient in the province, the provincial government was establishing a Cancer Hospital in Quetta.

Likewise, according to mega projects in Quetta, the government is eager to complete 120-bed Quetta Cardiac Hospital within a specific period. Further, 80 per cent of construction work is already completed.

Under the Quetta Package, The roads construction, development and expansion projects in various parts of the city are in process. Work was in progress on Joint Road improvement and expansion projects.

Similarly, expansion and construction work of Sabzal road, a project for construction and rehabilitation of internal roads in the Sariab area is also being implemented; besides, structure and repair work of 7.6 km section of Sariab road is also under construction.

She further said “a project was implemented with huge funds for rehabilitation. And upgrading of parks in Quetta including Benazir Park, Shahbaz Town, Liaquat Park, Inscomb road, Satellite Town Park, Health Park, Spini Road Park, Sadiq Shaheed Park and many more.”

Also, the government has initiated projects on war footings to restore the beauty of the city. The government is also eager to provide basic amenities to the locals, she added. The Parliamentary Secretary of Information said the water would be brought from dams to Quetta under the water supply scheme which would help to mitigate water crises in the provincial capital city.

In addition, according to mega projects of Quetta, seven world-class sports complexes are in the plan to facilitate the youth and other players to enjoy world-class standards, she said.

She added that the newly established sports complexes would have facilities like a huge gymnasium, all indoor sports, squash, cricket nets, dedicated walking track and others. Further, which would encourage the youth to actively take part in sports.

She said the government was working for timely completion of development projects, adding that the quality of material being used in construction work must be ensured.

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News source: https://nation.com.pk/E-Paper/lahore/2021-05-24/page-9/detail-0

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