Construction of Ravi Urban Development Project Started

Construction of Ravi Urban Development Project Started

Lahore: While chairing the Ravi River Urban Development Project (RRUDP) meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan was informed that the FWO and NLC had begun work on the River Ravi Urban Development Project.

The meeting was attended by Federal Information Minister Shibli Faraz, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, and other senior officials from the RUDP and Pakistan Island Development Authority. He told the meeting that many Chinese companies have also applied for joint ventures with local companies to develop RUDP.

The River Ravi Urban Development Project, covering 103,271 acres, aims to improve living conditions, develop the economy, and be divided into three phases. This project will create twelve specialized cities, lakes, arches, and other objects.

During the meeting, PM Imran Khan instructed the authorities to ensure the timely completion of both projects, namely the RUDP project in Lahore. Both projects will not only help reduce the growing demand for housing but also benefit the environment.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who chaired a separate weekly meeting of the National Housing and Development Coordinating Committee, led the authorities involved in assisting the construction-related industries.

At the briefing of those present, the President of the Capital Development Department, Mr. Amer Ali, said that the management’s automation would be completed by the end of this month. Automating procedures and processes will make life easier for citizens by giving them easy access. Also, Prime Minister Imran Khan discussed implementing current housing projects during a conversation with the Minister of Housing and Construction Tariq Bashir Cheema.

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