The project of Rawal Dam Interchange probably starting next week

The project of Rawal Dam Interchange probably starting next week

Prime Minister Imran Khan took office last July, and work on the Rawal Dam connection project has not yet begun.

The PM Imran Khan laid the Rawal Dam Interchange project’s foundation stone and the two other projects – P.W.D Underpass and the Korang Bridge on July 2.

As stated by C.D.A. officials, the opening ceremony took place without an Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A.), so work on the project could not begin in the past, despite the green light from the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.).

He said that while the consultant examines the project’s design, they will wait for the E.I.A. report, and it is hoped that work on the project will start next week.

He further added that the preliminary work, such as removing the footpath and the like, has already begun. Still, the corresponding work will begin in full next week, after the E.I.A. report is published.

The Community Development Authority allocated Rs 1.17 billion to two construction companies to implement the project, down 11% from the budget on June 25. Officials noted that contractors moved the machines shortly after work began on the project, adding that some people also discussed how a single contractor could win all three mega projects.

The controversy erupted after Special Assistant to the Prime Minister – Ijaz Shah – also working as an interior minister, received anonymous letters against Ali Nawaz Awan’s Community Development Authority and the media alleging violations in reporting. However, no evidence was presented to support these claims.

The Commission clarified that these contracts were awarded at below-estimated and transparent prices, adding that those who wanted the deals were trying to make the projects contentious.

Officials said, “The C.D.A. should be assessed because just for transparency, three contracts were awarded at rates lower than anticipated,” adding that Rs 500 million had been saved. They will be used for other projects of development.

Furthermore, he added that the contractors used to change in the past. Still, this time the existing leadership did not let the bidding process be influenced by anyone, which led to lower rates than expected, and this is a big achievement for us. C.D.A. ensures that projects are completed on time as per their design without any big changes in estimates.

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