Top Places in Lahore to Buy Quality Furniture

Top Places in Lahore to Buy Quality Furniture

If you are planning to update the look of your home or are getting married then furniture for sure always play an important role in the entire process. The article gives you a starting point as to where you intend to buy furniture in Lahore. Read the complete article to become aware of the places you must visit when you plan on changing your home’s furniture.

You always have two options when you think of changing and ordering furniture. You can visit regular stores or you can order online. This article explores both. Let’s discuss the best online furniture stores. Many online stores cater to this segment. Some of them are mentioned below.


This place offers buyers a variety of viewing furniture. This organization has everything from perfect wooden beds to the modern design acrylic tables. It employs a variety of experts and designers and many of their collections mimic this. He ships furniture all over the country and will quickly plan and ship your order.

Wood Creations

There are many household accessories and furniture in this place and a lot of time is devoted to the details of precious woods. It even provides a variety of doors styles. In case you do not like a particular door design, the organization will send an agent to your home to make an accurate estimate and arrange the door accordingly. For other items on the site, simply select the item you want and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Sixth Houzz

This site presents a large selection of modern, luxurious and trendy furniture available on the Internet. You will discover the whole collection and individually selected items to choose from. The huge benefit of requesting furniture from here is that they try the entire unboxing and putting up the process on their own when they deliver the furniture items you ordered.

Even though these are affordable and virtual online stores, let’s now involve the individuals who are more experienced with the whole furniture shopping course and would not mind discovering and visiting real stores located in Lahore.

Here are some of the most notable furniture places in Lahore.

Shah Alam Market

This old market in Walled City existed even before the partition, and you can find anything you might need here. From furniture and upholstery to various decor items, you can choose from a variety of items fit to your pocket size and according to your taste. The winding streets connect to the remains of the walled city, so you can take a guided tour or have an outing as well while you are on a shopping tour.

Academy Road

This entire market is located below the Jinnah flyover as you cross the tracks from the Gulberg side, the bespoke furniture makers are always there to make the furniture on orders of your choice. Not only that, the furniture options are very affordable and compete with similar various well-known brands. A decent set of bedding, including wardrobe and bedside tables in Rosewood quality, will cost around Rs 150,000.

Ichra Market

It is a unique furniture shopping spot for people searching for variety in it. Here you will find everything from room equipment to furniture and flooring. The shops here cater to a wide variety of audiences, and their designs range from antique to contemporary.

So, this is our list from where you can have a piece of good quality furniture with a great variety and quality. We are sure you’ll never regret visiting these places to buy furniture for your choice. Comment in the section below and let us know about the other such places that we are still unaware of. 

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