UPDATES ON DIAMER-BHASHA: Pakistan’s ‘Three Gorges Dam’

Diamer-Bhasha Dam

ISLAMABAD: Diamer-Bhasha Dam is the largest hydro-power project for water conservancy in the country; Once operational, it will be an impetus to the development of Pakistan. It will be the largest Roller-compacted concrete (R.C.C) Dam of Pakistan and is being called Pakistan’s ‘Three-Gorges Dam’.

After Tarbela and Mangla Hydro-power projects, the 272 meters high Diamer-Bhasha Dam will become another large hydropower project in Pakistan. Recently, Asim Saleem Bajwa, Chairman CPEC Authority announced the construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam. This project mainly focuses on irrigation and flood control, and also has the function of power generation.

Major Benefits

1- On completion the project will fight against the issues of local drought and water logging, leading to the hydrological balance of the region.

2- It is all set to produce a large amount of low-cost electricity to cope up with the local power supply shortage.

3- It will promote tourism in Northern Pakistan. The economy of Pakistan will get a boost from all 4 directions once the dam enters the operational phase.

4- It will benefit the development of steel, cement, and construction industries, also contributing to the generation of jobs.

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