Advance way to check property ownership in 2022

check-property-ownership in 2022

As the world progresses day by day, we can’t sit alone and watch. We need to take the initiative to find the simplest and fastest way to tackle the problems. The advancement in technology like the availability of high-speed internet, mobile phones and many other technology-related gadgets have revolutionized human life. Like most European countries, Pakistan has also become a digital hub.

The Pakistan authorities have made an initiative to make it a digital country even for the property ownership. To fulfill this new idea, many websites have been designed and working 24/7 to provide information to the citizens in their homes.

Pakistan has been successfully running the idea of E-Governance for the past few years. For that purpose, they had started online CNIC registration and passport verification for overseas Pakistanis. You can also transfer money just with one click by staying at home.

This digital revolution has made life easier and smooth during the pandemic and daily life. For property- ownership it’s not just an easy task. It is a matter of money which is quite a sensitive issue. You can’t just trust a single person. It would help if you used online portals alone. You must consult with a real estate agent for proper verification and processing.

Some digital ways to check property ownership in Pakistan

As we are talking about online portals, how could we forget about, which has been initiated to provide you with the land record within a few minutes. The Land Record Management Information System has made it easy for many people to check their land or property authority online.

This system is corruption-free. You can’t dodge software which is pretty helpful in your case. 

Yet this online system is only limited to a few provinces like Punjab and Sindh. But what for other province people who need to check or resolve any property issues. In order to tackle that problem we take the initiative to provide the best services. contribution towards property ownership

You don’t need to worry about property ownership or any land check and balance because provides you with the best facilities to overcome your stress and burden. We are available 24/7 to help you.

We have started an ibuying project to provide you with the purchase and property for sale opportunities. Our representatives will take help from the online portals. They personally check the site, and satisfy all paperwork before delivering it to you.

By just clicking on the link, your payment of property for sale will be in your hands.

Advantages of land record digitization

Digitization of Land records

The digital era is providing many benefits. It saves your time and gives full security to your land.

There are some of the benefits listed below:

  • First of all, the traditional method of the patwari system has ended. The old system is full of bribery and time consuming, and it didn’t give you the security about the positive results.
  • The patwaris are so powerful they possess all the land records even they also have full control on the sales and purchases, they can easily change your record, and you can’t do anything. But from now everything is under control.
  • We also provide the best services and a full paper record of your land to do everything under the suitable laws and regulations. 
  • We are not charging any extra fee as the patwari did.
  • Even the digital system is less time-consuming, and your work will perform within hours rather than days. For which you need to go to different offices as well.
  • Before buying any property, you have been afraid of different frauds that are mostly done nowadays. But Still, the digital assay followed by us will provide you with the best property without any fraud.
  • We also help you in checking whether your purchase land is registered or not. To overcome any problem, we will provide you with the best outcome with the help of your digital platform.
  • For your ease, the digital record of the property is save in the National Database. So the risk factor of fraud is very minimal.

The Final Call:

If you are willing to buy or sell a property or even know the property ownership. We are here to help you. With the help of a digital record system, our representatives will help guide you throughout the process of property ownership.

The right choice of a real estate agent is the key to your successful ownership process. We believe in making your process flawless and time-saving. We are glad to start this journey with our whole digital system and trusted representatives to save you from any big problem.

Not only on call, but you can also access us online at Your appointment is just one click away.

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