In what period of the year is it better to glue fiberglass

In what period of the year is it better to glue fiberglass

With the hottest days gone, it’s an ideal time to apply fiberglass. It is worth noting that work with heavy canvases does not have a clear attachment to the seasons, however, experts recommend adhering to a number of simple rules.

Optimal conditions for glueing fiberglass

Indeed, fiberglass wallpaper can be glued all year round, but subject to a number of conditions:

  1. It is very important to create a temperature regime in the room from 10 to 25 ° C.
  2. All vents and doors must be closed to avoid drafts.
  3. Works are carried out at room temperature without additional heaters.
  4. Do not allow an increase in humidity (if possible, do not go to the shower before working on it and do not turn on appliances that emit a large amount of steam). The optimum moisture level should not be more than 60%.

In addition, you need to use special repair glue that allows you to work with heavy wallpaper.

Glass wallpaper

Failure to comply with these conditions will lead to the falling of the canvases and additional costs for repeated repairs. Considering that fibreglass is not the most budget material, the costs will be quite significant.

Hence the conclusion: it is better to stick to glueing during the period when the room is provided with a comfortable temperature for work without the use of heating means. Therefore, the most optimal time is late summer and early autumn or spring.

Other important nuances

The end result is influenced by many factors. For example, the quality of the materials used so; adhesives must provide reliable adhesion since heavy webs create a serious vertical load. These include Semin glue, the assortment of which can be found on the website or online stores. This substance is applied to the wall.

In some cases, the situation requires starting work, and the room is too cold. Then it is necessary to heat the room, and the heating process should be started 2 days before glueing. In addition, it is very important that a favourable temperature is maintained even after the application of the fiberglass to the wall for 10 days.

In winter, it is allowed to work, but on condition that it is possible to maintain the value of the room temperature within the above limits. When it is hard frost outside, the heating works at full capacity, which is unfavourable for wallpaper. In the middle of summer, glueing is also not prohibited, provided there is no heat and rain.

Thus, there is no clear time frame for glueing glass fibre wallpaper. The main thing is to maintain the required temperature range in the room in order to achieve the highest possible adhesion to the surface.

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