LDA publishes buyer’s checklist to avoid real estate frauds

LDA Publishes Buyer's Checklist to Avoid Real Estate Scams

Lahore: According to the official Facebook page of the Lahore Development Authority, LDA (Lahore Development Authority) has given a buyers’ checklist for those who are interested in purchasing or investing in real estate in private housing projects of the city.

According to the department, the purpose of the directory is to prevent real estate frauds, which includes attracting citizens to invest in forged projects.


Check the list below when buying a property in any private scheme to avoid real estate frauds

  • Certified map / schematic diagram of the concerned housing scheme
  • A list of all lands in the corresponding scheme and a list of lands classified by size and type.
  • The one who is investing should see if the property he wants to purchase is included in the approved housing plan map and if it is on the acquired land.
  • The investor must check if the property of his choice has been pledged to the LDA / other appropriate development agency.
  • On the land designated for public facilities (school, medical center, cemetery, community center, etc.), there are no land plots allocated fully or partially for that.
  • Make sure the project includes the amenities accepted in the approved plan.
  • Ensure that the project has not been reviewed by the NAB or any other department.

Furthermore, if someone wants to check the status of the housing scheme approval to avoid real estate frauds, they can call at 22 – LDA One Window Cell counter from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm or visit the official LDA website.

Government authorities have called for detailed information on utilities, land acquisition, project timeline and amounts to be paid from private housing projects.

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