Reasons To Consider A House With Basement – There’s Room For More

basement houses in Pakistan

When you are in search of your perfect home you are normally listing down all the possible necessities and desires that pop in your head. Starting from the trendy design models to the most alluring interior design of choice, cautious picking definitely becomes mandatory. However, when packing for the ‘home hunting’ adventures, houses with basements are barely a requirement.

People don’t stop to consider the possibilities that a house with a basement can bring. Especially in Pakistan, where designers and architects have been following the same patterns for so long, that we are in a dire need of reassessing architectural trends.

Don’t go out on your home seeking adventures just yet because there is endless potential under the floor!

Top reasons to consider buying a basement house in Pakistan

  1. It’s More Than A Creepy Cellar

Imagining basements, the pop-up images in your head would normally give you a dusty, old, and creaky cellar feeling but hey! There is so much more to a basement than just creaking wood sound, sewer flooding, and creepy ghost stories (just saying).

Ever had that feeling when there is all this extra stuff in the house and literally no place to put it. That’s exactly what this basement is trying to depict, the ‘extra space you so desperately need’ to tidy up your home. Hence, unless your basement has a history of leakage (not that it can’t be fixed), buying basement houses in Pakistan could do you a favor in putting the antique ancestral baggage in a safe place.

  • Added Entertainment Never Miss Out On Movie Plans

This reason might be ‘entertainment’ only, but it’s totally worth it if you’ve got the money. Most of the people living in Pakistan don’t opt for such reasons probably due to being too practical for their own good. If one would know any better, having a tiny Cinema set in your basement could be so great for family gatherings, or reunions with old friends.

Everyone has faced these problems on holidays when they make a movie plan with friends and all you get to watch is “Housefull”, and not the movie (pun intended). Now, if that has got you searching for a basement house in Pakistan. Already, there are more reasons to consider this option than you may know.

Comfort In All Seasons

Living in Pakistan certainly has its perks. Because it is one of the countries in the world which get to experience all four seasons. Now, this might attract people who are in the cold regions and don’t get to experience the sun a lot or vise versa. Similarly, In some of Pakistan’s areas, the temperatures are pretty cold in winters. Especially the Capital “Islamabad” and “Lahore”, no offense to Karachi.

Having a basement house in Pakistan could be beneficial in these areas, where the cold gets a bit harsh sometimes. Moreover, if we start considering the rising prices of electricity, and the low gas pressure in Lahore and Islamabad, the electrical heaters are just too expensive to bear the cost. And Gas heaters won’t work. This is exactly where a basement home comes into play.

Since basements are naturally insulated by the earth. It helps the basement from getting too hot or cold in winters or summers. Thus, if you are residing in Islamabad, or Lahore, homes with basements could really provide you with an edge in cold and warm temperatures alike.

And it is not finished here, there are many incentives that a basement house can provide you. If you ever wanted a pool in your house, little investment and tweaking could provide you with your very own swimming pool to take a refreshing dive in the water.

 Furthermore, the natural insulation could result in a perfect Music Jam Room or a basement gym. What more do you need, when this one little space right under your nose or in this regard, under your house, can cover all your aspects? So, while you are dwelling in your thoughts to look for the best house with a basement in Pakistan, check out our listings for the best basement houses at Your next home hunt deserves the extra space to set that activity room you always desired.

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