The proposal given by LDA to build the tunnel on Mall Road

The proposal given by LDA to build the tunnel on Mall Road

The LDA (Lahore Development Authority) has begun preparing suggestions to keep up the circulation of traffic on the Mall Road – one of the busiest roads of Lahore.

Many notable markets such as Anarkali Bazar, Neela Gumbad, Hall Road market, Baden Road market and many courts and government offices are situated there on the Mall Road. It’s getting difficult day by day for the traffic authorities of Mall Road as well as other government management to take care of this rush of traffic, especially on weekdays.

According to the sources, to control the traffic flow of Mall Road, LDA has been given a task by Usman Buzdar (CM of Punjab), and LDA is further working on this project. Two ideas were given by LDA related to this project 1- Underground tunnel, 40 to 50 ft deep and with many exit points. 2- On all chowks at the road, a two-way underpass to be built.

Combined research has additionally been started now. NESPAK, along with LDA, are further planning to how to implicate it practically.

At the Upcoming few days, Lahore Commissioner Zulfiqar Ahmad Ghuman is going to likely probably soon be briefed on the proposition predicated on NESPAK’s analysis, after that same workings will be shared with the Chief Minister, Usman Buzdar.

Discussing the scribe, Sohail Janjua, the LDA Spokesperson affirmed that the department of engineering launched the paperwork for the tunnel building project on Mall Road. But he claimed That the proposition hasn’t yet been discussed so much with DG LDA, NESPAK officials, and even with the commissioner of Lahore.

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