The sale of private houses – Are they really safe?

The sale of private houses – Are they really safe?

Every newly married couple wants to have a home of their own as part of their heritage and for family peace of mind, obtaining it is a must. Hence, a search for sales of private homes or through a local realtor is started. But what will be the safest way to buy?

In this guide, we will tell you the pros and cons of buying a house from individuals. We invite you to read everything to the conclusion and see a clear answer on how you should invest in the house of your dreams. 

Beforehand, keep in mind that at the beginning of the process of searching, choosing and negotiating a house there will be obstacles or doubts to overcome. Also, do not worry if at a certain moment the real estate sector presents sudden changes in the price of the homes selected to buy.

Buying from a private individual, is it really safe to sell private houses?

Answering that question is not as simple as it seems, since if you search among the houses of individuals and you will find prices set by them according to their criteria. In this way they do not have to use a real estate agency as an intermediary in the negotiation; They will deal directly with the seller and save some money.

Although this possibility of a sale for a private house seems attractive at first glance, in some cases, it has been a real headache for the buyer since he is unaware of some processes that are carried out when acquiring a home. In view of this, keep in mind the following disadvantages of buying from individuals:

  • Scam danger: it is true that a large number of purchases and sales are carried out without any problem; It is no less true that some have come across deceivers who offer homes without being the legal owner, asking for an advance without wanting to sign or record the transaction.
  • Lack of guarantees: a process of this kind requires a series of legal steps such as registration, tax payments and drafting of the notarized document, which will be left without a guarantee contract and commitment with which any claim can be made if any inconvenience occurs.

In view of the above, weigh this purchase alternative well, of course, if the seller is your trust, it is another thing to do the business. It is worth asking for advice from others who have carried out a similar process, this will allow you to know other aspects of the sale of private homes.

What about buying through a real estate agency?

This alternative, as it was shown at the beginning, should not be discarded for thinking about saving some money, since you would be protected by a legal figure. On the other hand, experience in the real estate sector is something to take advantage of, because they know what the value of houses is according to their location.

Of course, the collection of commissions is part of the price for opting for this intermediary in the purchase of the home for the family. However, if you do not know the process involved in the acquisition, it will save you time, leaving you a feeling of security and tranquillity.

In conclusion, the security of buying a house for sale by individuals will depend on what you know about the subject and have the courage to do it.

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