Top hotel chains in Pakistan: A string of 5-Star inns

A hotel chain is a group of hotels spread around an area but operate under the umbrella of a single company. The hotels proliferate across the area but follow uniform standards of facilities and services. This makes these hotel chains a reliable pick for travelers and tourists. If you are a businessman who travels across cities often or a tourist who longs for a fun lodging experience at the place he travels to, having information about hotel chains of the area is mandatory. The perks of choosing a good hotel chain in a location are outstanding. This blog aims at giving you the necessary information about the best hotel chains in Pakistan so that you can make your selections according to your lodging taste.

Due to expansion of real estate businesses in Pakistan, it has been attracting eyes of investors and foreigners into it. Additionally, the four seasons, diverse cultures and serene landscapes have proven to be fine natural attractions for tourists from around the globe. The Northern beautiful swatches of our homeland struck the lookers-on with awe and admiration. For a vacay, a tourist-hearted jobee will also long for loading up the car, en routing towards the North! Visiting the stunning views of Nanga Parbat, Hunza Valley is worth your time and money. For a flatter tourist experience, Punjab has a bundle of options for you. Islamabad, the federal capital and Lahore, the cultural capital will leave you awestruck by the magnificence. The advice is that if you have that tourism spark inside you, don’t let it fade away by ignoring or lingering on the desire. There’s no shortage of luxury hotel chains to provide you the amusing living experience. After you choose the place you want to visit, hop onto to get information about the bigwigs of the hotel industry. Pearl Continental Hotel, Avari Hotels, Nishat Hotel, Faletti’s Hotel, Serena Hotel are the prominent and luxurious options in this domain.

The best hotel chains in Pakistan are listed below:

Avari Hotel

Avari Hotel is a luxurious and customer-oriented hotel chain in Pakistan. The best-rated facilities are the prominent feature of this place. Its design and styles are infused with Chinese and Japanese cultures along with the Pakistani styles. The bedrooms are furnished with a comfy bed and uninterruptable internet supplies. Heating and cooling systems work without any troubles. The food quality is amazing and the architecture of the place is mesmerizing. Additional features provided are:

  • Lady Avari Rooms
  • E-rooms 
  • Suites
  • Business Club 
  • Executive Club

Restaurants located in Avari Hotels: Dynasty, Kim’s, La Patisserie, The Tllimgton, Cinnabon, Fujiyama.

Star Category: 5 Star

Pearl Continental Hotel

Pearl-Continental Hotels and Resorts are the largest hotel chain in Pakistan. The chain envelops Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Gwadar, Bhurban, and Muzaffarabad. PC houses one of the friendly staff-base. Plasma Tv and DVD Player with an addition of luxury furniture and air-conditioning system boost up the ambiance and comfort level. The hotel is a subsidiary of Hashoo Group. It was the first five-star hotel in Pakistan.

PC hotel incorporates these food chains: Dumpukht, Taipan, Nadia Tea Lounge, Taipan, The Steak House, Marco Polo, Royal Elephant.

Star Category: 5 Star

Nishat Hotel

Nishat hotel is an expanding and luxurious chain of hotels in Pakistan. The decor, food and personalized services make it a distinguishable pick. The 8 story hotel is located in Gulberg, Lahore. It offers 2 to 3 room apartments that are equally good for offices and families. Butler services are an addition to the luxury of the place. Nishat hotel also offers security mechanisms with 24/7 surveillance. The management is quick and the quality of food is high. The parking space for around 100+ cars is available. 

Star Category: 5 Star

Serena Hotel

Serena Hotel is located at Islamabad and is a five-star deluxe hotel in Pakistan. The remarkable business facilities make it the most sought-after hotel among the famous hotel chains in Pakistan. The unmatchable features of the edifice in sync with the interior designing practices is an exceptional attraction for the visitors and tourists. The delicious cuisine amalgamated with the unprecedented services altogether affect the picturesque of the hotel. For business operations or tourist agenda- Whatever it is, this is one of the best five-star hotel chains in Pakistan.

Star Category: 5 Star

Faletti’s Hotel 

Faletti’s hotel comes next on the list of the best hotels in Pakistan. It stands in the line of modern and traditional architecture with a royal touch of Western sparkles to create a modern kind of ambiance. It is a hub of luxurious and peaceful rooms adhering to the international standards of leisure and recreation. The infusion of modern and traditional architecture lifts up the overall vista of the place. The amazing facilities and a wide restaurant range are offered by the hotel management are mouth-watering. 

Star Category: 5 Star covers you in case you aim at renting a space for your living or business operations in any of the best hotel chains in Pakistan. Keep up with your tourism-vibes and let Sirmaya handle the rest!

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