Tourism in Pakistan – The Untapped potential


Travelling has been the ultimate hobby for individuals for a long time now and there’s a strong reason why it is considered such a wonderful thing all around the world. Starting with the most obvious reason, this beautiful globe you call earth, holding the ultimate beauty at every edge. Yes, your planet earth is the hub of beauty and scenic views, no matter where you go, depending upon what you are looking for, this blue globe of wonder is got everything. Whether you seek peace of mind, or even just for thrill and adventure, you will find your kick, without a doubt.

That is why travel and tourism is considered as one of the largest industries in the world and is appreciated all around in every country and region. The capacity to visualize, experience, and learn is the most satisfying and enriching traits that the world provides an individual. There have been cases to where people left off for an adventure and never returned to their hometowns because they found their perfect new life in a completely different place/country/region, and thought, “That’s exactly what is was looking for all my life!”

To some, this is a cultivating approach and they find their calm in meeting new people, discovering and adapting to different cultures and traditions; all in all, just being a part of something bigger, new, and fresh to their mind.

This hasn’t just been picked by the individuals who like to travel but the whole tourism industry, saw to its potential and promoted it until it became the biggest sources resulting in economic growth for some of the popular countries. Take UAE for example – just about 15 to 20-years back, Dubai was looked like a city struggling to develop with nothing but sand and water all around. Now? Dubai is one of the most advanced and artificially appealing cities in the world, no offense. They spent all they had on enhancing the beauty of the city and merged it with technology and better infrastructure, and made their way to one of the top tourist locations to visit.

So, it is fair to say that tourism has massive potential and it can really turn things around, considering what it did for Dubai? Could the same be done for Pakistan? That is the real question, and the answer is, definitely! Adventure and sightseeing, Pakistan’s northern region has got that covered pretty well, and in the recent times, with the development going around in the northern areas of Pakistan, there are higher and better prospects for travel and tour now more than ever before.

If you are a social media geek, then you must have an idea on how many foreign visits we have gotten in the past year, and let’s not talk about this year because this year did not start off all that well, if you know what that means,

thanks to China’s truly, #Coronavirus

Tossing sarcasm aside, Pakistan was visited by numerous friendly foreign visitors seeking adventures in the northern region of Pakistan and not only did they find adventure and thrill, but a very warm reception indeed.

Famous Vlogger travels to Pakistan
Famous Vlogger travels to Pakistan

This untapped potential in Pakistan regarding tourism will bring about a boost in the GDP. The government of Pakistan has been making efforts with whole dedication to promote travel and tourism in Pakistan and inviting more of the foreigners to come and visit Pakistan. As good as this step is for the reputation of Pakistan, it will also result in a boost in Pakistan’s economy.

Development of the tourism industry still requires a lot of work and the government has been taking initiative in investing into this particular segment to attract people from around the world and encourage locals to promote this untapped market bearing huge economic potential.

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