Government Vows to Support 20 Billion USD for Information-Communication-Technology Development

Government Vows

The Government of Pakistan has vowed to take initiative to support $20 Billion for country’s Information-communication-technology (ICT) development in an effort to upsurge Pakistan’s Technological surroundings and encourage digital advancement.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday addressed that the government has taken initiative known as “Digital Pakistan”, which aims to offer a platform to Pakistan’s growing youth that holds the future economic growth.

Furthermore, he stated that In the coming few years, the government aims to increase the size of Pakistan’s Information and communication Technology (ICT) sector to US $ Billion, under the digital policy.

The Prime Minister had a meeting with Sergi Herrero, the Group Chief Operating Officer of VEON (Parent company of Jazz) in which he emphasized about Pakistan having a great investment potential in the communication and energy industry.

Acknowledged by international financial institutions, the government was focused on providing business convenience with liberal investment policy.

The Prime Minister further stressed that the digital ecosystem with the infrastructure and institutional frameworks is essential for rapid delivery of innovative digital services.

Moreover, the held discussion included information that Jazz Pakistan has launched “Internet for all” Campaign, which would include mobile phones with affordable with internet connectivity for digital platforms.

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