Technology and its influence on Real Estate Industry – Does it Affect Buying Behavior?


Technology is a powerful weapon, which has the power to affect everyone linked to it, even the ones
who are clamoring that technology does not influence them. Since the start to the spread of
technology, people have been relying on these technological advances to make lifestyle, and daily
errands easier.

Without a doubt, technology has connected people together and brought them closer, from families
living afar to productive business discussions, technology has been reshaping the way we think, act,
and react in our daily lives. It has reformed the way organizations operate and that has brought big
changes in the life of every individual. It does not matter whether the company is operating at a
smaller scale or a giant, it has become nearly impossible for businesses to imagine their day-to-day
operations; from emails to advertising, every operation is surrounded by technology.

The reliability has turned so harsh and unrelenting that people are addicted to posting their daily
routines on Instagram and Facebook, which is not only being used by individuals but also by many
multinational corporations. Anywhere you go, you will find someone next to you either posting a
status of the food they are having in a restaurant, or posting a selfie standing next to a public figure.

This does not only influence mindsets with their daily eating and wearing choices but also the
vehicles they drive, the cellphones they use, and the property they own. Everything is being
influenced by these technological advances which have now set standards and divided the world
into demographics, psychographics, and behavioral segments. This highlights the notions of what
they desire, which is led by what they want. These behaviors portray the basic requirements of a
person; for example: he needs a mode of transportation for his daily errands, and wants a car, but
desired a Mercedes.

Since decades, multinationals have been studying the needs and wants of customers and studying
what makes them buy a certain product. Focusing on that, technology has helped companies come
up with some really interesting innovations, and made it easier for people to cope with their daily
lives by inventing convenience.

Online portals are one of the many tech-based solutions that provide you platform to serve
whatever convenient solutions they the market requires. For connectivity, you have Facebook,
Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, which lets you connect to your friends from around the
world. Similar to that idea, there are portals that help you buy groceries, buy cars, or carry your
shopping endeavors.

Taking this into consideration, Real Estate Sectors were not far behind to catch up on this approach.
Influencers targeted the hassle of going out on a ‘home hunt’ searching for the suitable property
that best fits their needs, wants, and desires. In the light of these trending tech advances, many
people, nowadays have started using property portals to seek their ‘happy deal’ conveniently in one

Thus, it has literally changed the way buyers and sellers shift their approach and develop credibility
towards more recognized brands. The way consumer thinks, seek online product or even the way
they tend to make choices for their online buying has been reshaped a lot through innovations and
convenience summed up as ‘Technology’. It has therefore, shifted real estate buying trends from

traditional office based business to online technological portal services that incudes online property
buying and selling with ease and convenience

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