Risks of trying to sell your house without advice or experience

Risks of trying to sell your house without an advice or experience

Looking to sell your house, but want to save money on consulting? It is possible that this idea is very attractive after all, saving money is never really a bad idea, and however, it is good that you know the risks of trying to sell your house without advice or experience.

If you are not a real estate agent, it is most likely that you do not have the knowledge and experience that these professionals have. Even so, some think that they are capable of making the sale of their house, so below we will show you the risks of trying to sell your house without any advice or experience.

Legal knowledge to sell your house without any kind of advice

One of the most serious risks of selling a house without advice is to violate the law without realizing it, in Pakistan, there are specific laws on the processes that entail the sale of a property, without the help of a qualified agent it is very you are likely to make a mistake and get sued.

Another problem is that many buyers; If not all, tend to reject a contract that is not managed by a professional, not because they do not see reliability that you try to sell without any kind of advice. One aspect that is closely linked to the knowledge of the laws is the following.

What is the price? Risks of selling your house without advice

If you do not know the laws, it is very difficult for you to give the right price to the house you want to sell. A real estate agent has the tools and market data necessary to value your house without breaking the law so that you do not sell it at a very low price or, on the contrary, set a price so high that nobody buys it.

Take into account that the buyer also has a real estate agent who will try to close the best deal for his client. At this point in the negotiation, you need someone with experience to help you make the best decisions. Remember that the danger of selling your home without advice can end in a sale at a very low price.  

Wasting time 

By selling your house without advice, without the necessary knowledge or experience, you will most likely waste time trying to sell your house. A real estate agent is dedicated full time to this work, which means that they will be able to spend their time effectively carrying out tasks that you may not even imagine.

A real estate agent can determine who you can show the house to and if it is worth it, their knowledge and experience help you determine if you are a potential client or just a curious person.

And a fundamental detail is that an agent has more contacts than you and can classify potential buyers according to the characteristics of your house, so the offers will be directed to a number of clients who are potential buyers as opposed to deciding to sell your house without advice.


You will notice that there are many risks of trying to sell your house without advice or experience. It is not just about putting up a sign in front of your house that says “for sale”; we have seen that there are legal issues involved and specific sales techniques that need to be monitored by professionals.

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