All You Need to Know About Mortgage in Pakistan

All You Need to Know About Mortgage in Pakistan

Buying a home is the largest purchase you are likely to make. Before taking out a mortgage, make sure you know you can afford to borrow. The article is going to inform you about a mortgage, its procedure, and different types.


A mortgage is a loan obtained for the purchase of real estate property. Most of them last 25 years, but the duration can be shorter or longer. The loan is “secured” by the value of your home until it is repaid. If you are unable to keep paying the installments, the lender can take your home and sell it until he gets his money back. The borrower must pay the mortgage amount in a predetermined set of payments/ installments.

Mortgage Types

Mortgages are of certain types which changes according to the terms and condition.

Simple Mortgage

A simple mortgage is when a mortgage is approved in case of the failure of the payment based on a contract, then the mortgagee reserves the right to sell the mortgaged property. It requires the following:

  • Personal responsibility bears the penalty
  • An order must be issued to sell the mortgaged property while there is no authorized authority to sell out of court
  • Non-transfer of ownership
  • No foreclosure

English Mortgage

It is defined as a mortgage loan associated with the payment of mortgage money at a certain time and the full transfer of the mortgaged property. The mortgagee has now seized the property and can sell it with any court intervention. The conversion is made based on the transfer of the mortgagee based on the payment of the mortgage.

Mortgage by Conditional Sale

It is set on the condition that the mortgage is ready for sale by the mortgagor. The conditions are as follows:

  • The sale must be absolute on an exact date for the mortgage money to be paid in the event of default.
  • On such payment, the sale should become non-viable

The buyer hands over the property to the seller after receiving the payment.

Deposit of Title-Deeds Mortgage

This type of mortgage is popular with banks as it does not require registration. When title deeds are transferred to a bank or individual agent for subsequent collateral, the exchange is called a home loan by the deposit of title deeds.

Usufructuary Mortgage

This is where the mortgage is required for the mortgagee to acquire ownership of the mortgaged property and authorize it.

  • Obtaining worth of property and rent derived from property
  • To receive such earnings or leases; (1) in an instalment of the loan cash, or (2) incompletely in place of premium or mortgage money
  • Things like that from mortgage funds to instalments.

Anomalous Mortgage

A mortgage that is not covered by the above types is called an abnormal mortgage. They are mixed with two or more of the two types of home loans.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Equitable and Legal Mortgage

There are two types of mortgage property transfer of title:

  • Equitable
  • legal

Equitable Mortgage

The title deeds are issued to the mortgagee on a fair mortgage basis. 

Legal Mortgage

The legal title to the mortgagor is transferred when the loan is paid. The stamp duty and registration charges are included in registering the deed.


  • Only a few formalities are needed
  • The borrower’s image is protected as the mortgage information remains confidential between them, the borrower and the lender.
  • Registration is not needed for inequitable mortgage


  • A legal mortgage is at risk in favor of the other party as the debtor can offer a second legal mortgage if the equitable mortgage is separated from the warranty issues.
  • The mortgagee must obtain a verdict to sell the property if the mortgagee can pay A mortgage or a home loan is now becoming more convenient and popular as Prime Minister Imran Khan introduced the Naya Pakistan housing program that will invite many people to invest. For further informative articles, visit:

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