Is it worth investing in Gwadar property?

Is it worth investing in Gwadar property?

Table of contents:

  1. Will Gwadar be the next Dubai?
  2. Will Gwadar open doors to endless business opportunities?
  3. Will Gwadar property provide you with high returns on investment?
  4. Will the tourism sector get a boost?
  5. Is it secure to invest in Gwadar Property?
  6. Will Short term investment in Gwadar Property provide quick returns?

Port of Gwadar is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the city of Gwadar, located in Baluchistan, Pakistan. Previously, Gwadar was desolated and underdeveloped city, but now it is developing rapidly. The city and its port are being developed by huge investment from China through the multi-billion-dollars China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. The first growth phase of the new master plan for Gwadar is planned for five years from 2020 to 2025. In fact, this stage defines the requirements for short-term investments with maximum return on profit for Gwadar property. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in Gwadar.

1.    Will Gwadar be the next Dubai?

The frantic pace of infrastructure development in the port of Gwadar and the huge oil city of Gwadar surprised many. Even investors are indeed showing great interest in real estate opportunities in Gwadar due to the already high property prices in Gwadar and the belief that it will become a fully developed coastal city like Dubai in the coming decades.

2.    Will Gwadar open doors to endless business opportunities?

Gwadar, when fully developed and operational, will witness an explosion of financial activity, from hospitality and transportation to recreation and entertainment. It is becoming a financial hub for contractors, businessmen and real estate investors. This is the main reason that investing in Pakistan has become synonymous with Gwadar, as investors realize its real potential which cannot be found anywhere else in Pakistan.

3.    Will Gwadar property provide you with high returns on investment?

If you are an investor, you always aim to find a property that will provide you with huge returns over the long term or long-term profit\gains. This is where Gwadar wins over other projects of real estate in Pakistan. What appeals more is the very low cost of Gwadar property right now. However, it is growing at a rapid pace, and experts believe soon it will explode when the port of Gwadar goes live or become operational.

4.    Will the tourism sector get a boost?

When it comes to natural scenery and landscapes, Pakistan is considered one of the most lovely and exquisite places in the world. It also consists of many historical monuments and buildings that attract tourists. Pakistan has many of the highest mountain peaks in the world. Gwadar will become the entry point for millions of tourists who want to see these sights with their own eyes. By starting your travel business in Gwadar, you will soon be able to reach new heights.

5.    Is it secure to invest in Gwadar Property?

Pakistan’s government and its army are responsible in the area for the safety of all the residents and investors of Gwadar. This security and safety have given investors the confidence to invest more in this safe and protected environment of Gwadar. The Pakistani Army has worked hard to make this port and city completely secure and safe for investors, tourists, workers, and residents.

6.    Will Short term investment in Gwadar Property provide quick returns?

In keeping with the fact that Gwadar is developing into a planned industrial and economic centre with many trade and commercial activities, its industrial part is completely focused on fast growth and launching operations.

Most of Gwadar property has been reserved or taken by the government for various purposes like service and security needs, and now the remaining land is still in demand which is about 33 per cent of the total area. Consequently, the rise in prices for open land or plot in Gwadar is higher than in residential areas.

We have seen many domestic and foreign corporations planning to establish facilities around Gwadar and specifically near Gwadar International Airport, in addition to the many growth and value projects that improve infrastructure in the Gwadar Industrial Zone.

Relying on the growth rate and all the commercial and business opportunities available in the industrial property of Gwadar, this is a completely unprecedented short-term investment that promises huge returns in the coming future.

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