It’s Time to Buy Commercial Property in Mall Of Arabia

Mall of Arabia

Investment in a shopping plaza has numerous advantages and perks. It is not only a reliable and convenient alternative, but it also offers a consistent stream of revenue. Residential homes are preferred by certain individuals over commercial assets. You know that the fight between corporate and housing property is always in the spotlight. Buying shops is a sort of commercial property investment that is consistently profitable for all investors. Mall of Arabia Islamabad brings an excellent investment opportunity for all the investors out there. You can book your spots for restaurants, cafes, apparel, shoes, and cosmetics or for any other business to earn a lifetime profit with a one-time investment.

How Mall of Arabia is Different?

The Mall of Arabia is a new shopping mall with an Arabic design and architecture. It will be an entire business hot spot. The Mall of Arabia is expected to be an important landmark in Islamabad. The purpose of this shopping center is to resurrect our Arab heritage. Also, it aims to promote community cohesion and shared cultural relations between the Arab and Pakistani communities. The mall’s motif is influenced by Arab architectural history, traditions, and construction. I can bet you haven’t seen anything like that in any shopping mall in Pakistan. So why not buy a commercial property in Islamabad by booking a spot in the Mall of Arabia.

The Mall of Arabia will be a renowned business destination. It will span eight stories and cover a total of 15 kanals. On each floor, there is a separate business and leisure area. The Business Center in the Mall of Arabia Floor Plan caters to a variety of businesses. Furthermore, all the major local and global brands are featured in the luxurious shopping zone. This part has spread out over several floors. Investors can buy shops in malls to reap the fruit of their investment in the future.

Amazing Media Façade:

Have you ever heard of a media façade in any shopping mall in Pakistan? No! You haven’t! Just like the amazing and unique architecture of the Mall of Arabia, it is introducing another unique thing to Pakistan. Asia’s largest media façade. It will be the first-ever shopping mall in Pakistan which is featuring a media façade. Now there is no need to go abroad and get mesmerized by their spectacular shopping Malls. The mall of Arabia is bringing it all for Pakistanis.

This media façade will be both avant-garde and aesthetical. The media façade is a digitalized interface, and an engaging tactic to grab people’s interest. It will be the very first in any Pakistani commercial project. It will revolutionize the approach major brands and insights are communicated to audiences, transforming both buyer and commercial engagements. Aren’t you convinced to buy commercial property in Mall of Arabia yet? I know you are thinking of buying a shop! Well, you shouldn’t miss this one of the best opportunities to buy a property in Islamabad.


Just like the amazing design and architecture of the mall, its location is also amazing. It is accessible from all areas of Islamabad and its twin city Rawalpindi. The Mall of Arabia is located on the Islamabad Expressway, which is a major business and residential thoroughfare. From the Margallas to Rawat, the highway unites Islamabad metropolitan area along its territorial boundaries. In one of Islamabad’s biggest bustling localities. The Mall is conveniently positioned in the heart of DHA and Bahria Town, with accessibility via Koral Chowk, T-Chowk, and PWD. You can come shopping anytime from anywhere in the Twin cities.

Facilities and Services:

It provides Luxurious & Contemporary amenities to exhibit a greater level of urban advancement. The following are some of the mall’s most prominent functionalities:

  • Convenient Escalators and Lifts
  • Mall and Offices with Central Air Conditioning
  • Large Hallways and Exceptional Infrastructure
  • Ethnic foods,
  • International Cuisines
  • Spa
  • Theme Park
  • State-of-Art Gymnasium
  • HD Movie Theaters
  • Corporate Offices
  • Dedicated IT Hub
  • Children’s Parks and Recreational Centers
  • Themed Flooring primarily Shah Faisal, Egypt, and Morocco.
  • 24/7 Monitoring for security purposes
  • Parking is well-managed and is divided into two spacious basements,
  • Each space has 220 and 240 parking capacities.

Why Should You Invest In Mall Of Arabia?

Mall of Arabia is the best property investment option. Under one breathtakingly luxurious roof, The Mall combines a deep-rooted legacy, stunning architectural design, world-class retailing, and unparalleled leisure. The Shopping center aims to merge folk etymology with innovation, heritage with modernity, and festivity with amazement by blending historical elements with modern precision. It will be a popular spot for shoppers and people looking for leisure facilities.

Mall of Arabia will feature all local and international brands. It will attract a large number of people due to its antique yet contemporary features which will act as a booster for your business. Investors from other cities can also buy retail shops in Islamabad to set up their businesses. It will give you a great opportunity to expand your business in other cities of Pakistan apart from your home cities. Mall of Arabia is giving you an opportunity to buy a commercial property in Islamabad.

Legal authorization of any development sight is one of the most salient features for investors. Since investors have to put a lot of money they wanted to make sure whether or not a development project is legally approved. It can make or break a deal. The CDA has certified the Mall Of Arabia’s architectural design and planning. The development company is working hard to get a full NOC from CDA. You can book a shop for commercial property investment to enjoy lifetime profit.

Construction updates of the Mall:

  • The first, second and the third floor of the basement is 100% complete
  • The lower ground is 100% complete
  • The ground floor is 60% complete
  • The first floor is 15% complete
Payment Plan:

The Mall of Arabia is offering a 3-year easy installment plan. Booking starts from 10%. You can invest in Mall of Arabia with 15 Lacs only. You can do a safe and secure investment by buying commercial property in Islamabad to invest in the best. The payment plan is given below

Tower 1
Lower Ground32,500
First Floor61,000
Second Floor51,500
Third Floor47,000
Corporate office23,000
Food Court24,500
Tower 2
Lower Ground31,000
First Floor58,000
Second Floor49,500
Third Floor44,500
Mall of Arabia Payment Plan
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