When is the best time to buy and sell a real estate property in Pakistan?

When is the best time to buy and sell a property in Pakistan?

Sell when people are greedy and buy when people are afraid. It is a very powerful marketing strategy that many people are unaware of. The real estate market is an area where we can all be wrong. The market ventures on people’s intuitions or guesses. Consolidations and corrections occur when a buyer loses confidence, and the greediness of people sharply boost the real estate market.

Let’s take a look at how to tell when people are greedy or scared. We are emotionally attached to the market, and our emotions make us take impulsive decisions. We ignore market patterns and rely on our intuition instead. When we are buyers, we do not buy even when the market situation seems feasible to us but instead rely on gut instinct to create wrong signals to wait longer. This is why we always buy at a higher price. This is where fear drives us emotionally.

Buy when the market is completely silent.

When motivated by greed, we people as sellers always want more from the market. Sellers make the biggest mistakes by holding onto their assets. But in reality, you have to sell your property when everyone is buying it. If you want to win in this property game most of the time, you should always do it against the market. Many property sellers do not sell when they are offered a premium price package for their property, and they do sell it when the market corrects (price index falls) and end up selling for much less than the price they originally offered.

Become a Buyer when people around are Sellers and become a Seller when everyone around is greedy to Buy

This method works in most cases because it is an accepted fact in every financial real estate market. The greedy buyer and fearful seller are what the monetary institutions feed on. So, once we realize this, we can know exactly what the top market segment for the seller is. Conversely, check the lows of the local market so that the buyer knows when the correction is over. In my opinion, there is no one in the world who knows this for sure. Still, we can upsurge our chances of forecasting the market’s upper and lower levels through our experiences or technical analysis.

Whenever there is a sharp rise, there is going to be a large degree of correction. The price behaviour immediately after the epidemic in the DHA (Defence Housing Authority), Lahore is going to be hasty and very fast, so I think there will be a greater degree of correction, prices will fall deeper and due to that it’s time to improve. There was a very precise and unexpected leap in DHA in Lahore at phases vi, vii, viii, and ix, at least 30-40%, and somewhere 50-70%. Suppose we estimate the percentage and take it as an overall estimate of 30 per cent correction and 50 percentage appreciation, a test of recent local lows. If we successfully test the lows and hold the previous level, there will be an all-time price’s new high in the next six months.

The market is still afraid although the correction is not over yet, However, in DHA, Lahore, the silence in the real estate market is giving a loud signal to buy and I hope you all are now well aware of the best times to buy and sell your property.

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