5 Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

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Do you want to decorate your small room? Here in this article, we shall discuss some of the ways to make your small room look bigger.

Table of contents

  1. How can you make your room look bigger?
  2. What colours make a small room look bigger?
  3. How can you decorate your small living room elegantly?
  4. How do you make a room look bigger with window treatments?
  5. Conclusion

How Can You Make Your Room Look Bigger?

how to make home look bigger

Too much stuff in a place makes it look messy. The messy looks make it congested. Even bigger rooms make a clumsy look if you put unnecessary stuff in there. That is why you need to clear out the clutter to express the bigger look.

Moreover, choose light hues to make them look classy. Dark shades do not provide a look that gives a wide-angle. Further, install a window in the room. The reason behind it is that it gives the outside view that makes the looks bigger.

Also, make it bright and airy. It creates a mesmerizing effect. Further, add reflective surfaces and a monochromatic colour scheme to give it a broader view.

What Colours Make a Small Room Look Bigger?

Coloring the wall in blue by young couple in casuals – horizontal

As we have hinted above, and to add on, use a soft tone to make the room bigger. Soft tones mean that you need to go ahead with off-white, greens, and blues. These colours on one hand give a cool look and on the other hand bigger one.

Similarly, bright lights give a positive effect on the mind. Dark rooms do not possess the attributes to catch the attention of the visitors.

How Can You Decorate a Small Living Room Elegantly?

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Bigger glasses give an elegant and bigger look. Likewise, use white paint on the walls and use hidden lights. Further, you need to keep it simple to make it great. French doors and frosted glass add beauty on one hand and the other gives spacious look.

If you want to make it more beautiful, make a mind map, plan the decoration as per your aesthetics. Keep the point in mind that overloaded and overburdened places are not liked by others. Also, some equipment related to entertainment makes the mood happy.

How Do You Make a Room Look Bigger With Window Treatment?

Material for home decoration

Windows create a bigger look for the rooms. Not only the windows alone but smartly selected curtains also make a difference. Tinted and shiny windows catch the eyes of the passerby.

The broken windows and doors destroy the looks of the house for sale in general and the room where they found it in particular. That is why do not ignore the windows for a fresh look. When the window opens, it broadens the view and the place looks great.


To conclude, we can say that with little efforts, you can change the looks of a small room. You can make it look bigger by removing the extra stuff out of it. The reason behind it is that the messy look gives a bad idea and it also makes the place congested. 

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