All You Need to Know About the Blue World City

All You Need to Know About the Blue World City

Table of Contents:

1- Introduction

2- Features and facilities

3- Properties available in the Blue World City

4- Location and places near to the Blue World City

5- Why invest in BWC?


Blue World City Islamabad is a residential project close to the proposed Rawalpindi ring road. It is sponsored by the Blue Group of Companies in collaboration with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China. The project has received planning permission from the RDA. The project has been officially launched for booking, and various plots of commercial and residential lands are offered on a simple instalment plan. The undeveloped area comes with standard amenities and facilities for the convenience of residents. Chakri Road provides access to the surrounding area.

This community with hundreds of properties was officially approved in 2018. The mega housing project of the Blue World City provides countless opportunities for investors to double the property’s value in a very short period and for residents to experience the best lifestyle they can dream of. The residential area near the new airport is also known as the Pakistan-China Friendship Project. The Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC Road are very close to the plan for this urban project.

Facilities and Features

  • 24 hours latest quality CCTV cameras
  • It is a gated community
  • Guest rooms are available
  • A verification system is installed in gates
  • Continuous power supply
  • Located on the M2, 5 minutes from the intersection of Chakri and Thalian roads
  • 24 hours ambulance service
  • Hospitals % Schools
  • Playgrounds, Parks and jogging tracks
  • E-tag system
  • Green service area
  • Series of Blue mart store
  • Small golf club

Properties available in the Blue World City

At BWC Islamabad, you will find a wide variety of residential and commercial plots. The lists of land plots available in Blue World City, Islamabad are as follows:

  • 4-16 Kanals – Blue Hills Farm Houses 
  • 2.5 – 5 marlas of constructed Awami Villas
  • 7-10-14-20-40 marlas – Overseas block
  • 5-8-10-20-40 marlas – General block

Locality and nearby places of BWC Islamabad

When it comes to real estate investing, the most important factor is location. Veteran real estate investors always love to do business in real estate and want to put their money where they know the real estate will help them achieve a profitable return on their investment. The blue world city is divided into four main twin projects in the city and is located on the main road from Chakri to Moza Sihal. Moreover, to access Chakri Road, BWC is located on Lahore’s outskirts – Islamabad Highway, close to CPEC Road, Chakri Interchange, and New Islamabad International Airport.

Blue World City developers plan to develop a project for more than 6,600 Canadians with enough space to build access to all major highways in future Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The city’s website and maps are readily available, and you can download its map online. BWC is the only residential development in the area closest to the imminent Rawalpindi ring road. The Rawalpindi Ring Road is a 66 km project that will connect GT Road from Rawat with New Islamabad Highway and Sangjani Toll Plaza. The RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) also has plans to establish several SEZs (Special Economic Zones) along the Rawalpindi Ring Road. This means that once the Rawalpindi ring road’s construction is completed, the Blue World City of Islamabad will become one of the nearest settlements to the exchange. Apart from the main entrance, the BWC is close to the Eighteen Islamabad and smart capital city of Qurtaba Township. The location and map of the Blue World City indicate that it will be one of the largest residential societies in Islamabad.

Why Invest in the Blue World City?

Blue Group of Companies has a remarkable history, and the owners of this blue world city are experienced and trustworthy, which gives the first reason to invest in this scheme. Moreover, it’s been planned, designed, and developed with the Chinese company’s contribution and is the first Chinese investment in Pakistan’s real estate project. It is also located at a prime location, as discussed above, with all the main localities and points near this zone. Also, CPEC Route is situated close to this city, which is going to play a significant role in enhancing socio-economic growth in the region and providing plenty of business opportunities. All basic and advanced facilities as mentioned above are also available, making it a luxurious spot to live in along with a fascinating attraction like the World’s tallest horse mascot, A Grand Mosque inspired by the big Blue Mosque at Istanbul, Turkey, Burj-ul-Arab, Asia’s largest water theme park, and Oxygen Park. Moreover, affordable prices with reasonable instalment plans are available. It is also safe to say that this residential project’s investment involves obtaining significant profit margins and will always be profitable and will behave well even in times of economic crisis.

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