Bahria Town Karachi – A High-Life Society

Bahria Town Karachi - A High-Life Society

Bahria Town Karachi is the chief metropolitan area offering standards, elegance, and luxury. The city of Bahria, Karachi, designed and developed according to the most advanced development ideas, is where you will get the opportunities you want to live in. Since its launch, the community has become the focus of buyers and investors alike. Smart urban planning, the latest technology, and the latest developments set it apart from other residential areas.

Since its founding in 2015, Bahria Town Karachi has developed exponentially. As one of the most popular communities in K-Town, it can accommodate over a million residents. Homeowners buy pre-built apartments and houses to enjoy the first-class amenities while living in Bahria Town Karachi.

When you rent or buy a property in this chic area of the city, get ready to enjoy the life of luxury. With the variety of amenities in Bahria Town, the demand for an elite society grows every year. The city has many commercial and residential projects that offer rewarding investment opportunities for real estate investors and business people.

Although Bahria is far from the city, the incomparable amenities attract both investors and residents. The project is already implemented successfully in Islamabad, Lahore, and Rawalpindi. Investors and homeowners have given a far-fetched response on all of the Bahria’s residential projects. 

Spread Over A Large Area of Land

Bahria Town Karachi is the most important residential area of Pakistan. It covers a total area of 45,493 acres, which is approximately 178 square kilometres. As the largest residential area, Bahria Town Karachi offers all the best amenities and attractions not found in any other project.

Ideal Location

Bahria Town Karachi has an ideal and very convenient location, which increases its market value and attractiveness. It is located on the Hyderabad Highway, also known as the motorway M9 – away from the city’s hustle and bustle, about 9 km from the toll plaza.


Thanks to round-the-clock security, residents of Bahria Town live in a calm and safe environment. Burglary cases have not yet been detected due to the complex security systems in the region. Among the other best amenities of the town, the well-trained and resourceful security staff stand out. Patrolmen can often be found providing complete security for the project.


Facilities in Bahria Town Karachi have been observed to compete with the Defence Housing Authority. First, both are gated/closed communities. The community as a whole is planned in such a way that it looks not only aesthetically pleasing but also remains serene. Since the town is away from the city’s commotion, there is less noise pollution. Modern facilities, modern home infrastructure, and commercial projects make it attractive to all residents of Karachi. Bahria Town Karachi is a mega-project targeting consumers from all market segments as it offers houses, apartments, and land for sale to all types of buyers. Living in Bahria City, Karachi provides exclusivity as it allows residents to stay connected to city life and all the amenities.


Bahria Town Karachi built a developed hospital where specialists from all medical fields serve the local population. The 120-bed hospital has well-trained staff who serve patients of all ages. With a 24-hour emergency department and internationally trained doctors and technicians, the hospital offers first-class medical services to every patient.


No town is likely to enjoy longevity and popularity without quality educational institutions. Bahria Town Karachi has built the institutes while keeping the quality education in mind. With the city boasting the latest and most essential amenities, you will never be disappointed when maintaining the standard of living in Bahria Town Karachi. All residents can enrol their children at Millennium Roots International. If you are considering higher education options, you can also explore other institutes nearby.


Although residents enjoy quick and easy access to the main areas, in October 2018, the Bahria Town Karachi began a bus service with Malir Cant and Sohrab Got. It means no major transportation problems for a carefree life in Bahria Town Karachi. This service is a delivery and delivery service for residents. One of the buses will take you to Malir Cant, and the other helps commute to Sohrab Got.


Largest cricket stadium of Pakistan in Bahria Town Karachi is located in Bahria’s sports city, which is a residential project for the parent group. The Dubai International Cricket Stadium inspires it. Situated in the city’s heart, travellers can easily reach the stadium via Jinnah Avenue, which is 500 feet wide.

The state-of-the-art stadium will provide cricket fans with a unique experience. The Grand Gymnasium will also have several sports facilities, including tennis, squash, and badminton enthusiasts. 


Entertainment, Clubs, and Restaurants Facilities

The project contains a country club, Formula 1 mini track, Bahria night safari, Sheraton golf, and Dolphin area. There are various restaurants to serve visitors and residents. The Carnival Zone has considered an entertainment centre entertaining for all ages. Whether you are looking for authentic Turkish / Arabic food or looking for pizza or burgers, Bahria town has everything for you.

Bahria Town Karachi – Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is the third largest and can lodge 800,000 parishioners which are inspired by Mughal era designs. Grand Mosque inspires its structure by other mosques in Islamic countries. The mosque also boasts an air conditioning system, Efficient water supply, and modern thermal power for a comfortable life in Bahria Town Karachi.

ZOO – Day and Night (DAN)

Among the other best establishments in the Bahria Town are the day and night zoo. Dan Zoo features an impressive array of striking animal and birds’ breeds. Bengal crocodiles to African lions; All unique species of animals live here.

Besides, the locals and the general public will also engage in the day and night safaris and, in the future, enjoy carriage or boat rides as well. The safari park is built on the area of 70 acres, and all animals/birds have locked in their set aside cages for complete safety. The zoo opens at noon and closes at 11 pm every day.

Plentiful Properties and Limitless Opportunities

It would be wrong to say Bahria Town Karachi is the one-stop solution for Pakistan’s real estate needs. All properties are superbly designed and fully meet the needs of investors. Bahria Town Karachi offers commercial or residential plots of different sizes and in other locations. It provides desirable properties such as villas or apartments. Most importantly, the recent addition to the Bahria Greens project is low-cost plots that give the best investment opportunity.

Thus, given the world-class amenities, properties, and Ideal location – we can conclude that the city of Bahria Town Karachi cannot be compared to any of the housing projects in Pakistan.


Bahria Town offers world-class amenities. In addition to the necessary high standard amenities, the town has comforts to ensure a luxurious life. State of the art security systems, exceptional real estate projects, a private network terminal, and a tourist attraction provides a comfortable experience. If you would like to explore a house for sale in Bahria, you can search for a wide range of offers on Bahria’s exceptional quality standards guarantee a high standard of living at its best. It is one reason why people want to rent or buy an apartment in Bahria Town Karachi.

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