Bahria Town – Reshaping Pakistan

Bahria Town - Reshaping Pakistan

Since the company was founded in 1996, The Bahria Town has been influencing lands and living in Pakistan. Not only for building houses, but the town has also created value-added communities and expertly planned communities where thousands of families enjoy fulfilling lives. Projects under development in various cities once completed will reach over a million inhabitants. Moreover, the town has employed 35,000 employees and created a legacy for future generations by driving significant progress, leadership, and innovation.

This town aims to be the largest property developer in Pakistan, offering projects in a diverse mix of sectors and selected locations with world-class amenities while ensuring the uppermost standards, on-time delivery and lifelong customer satisfaction.

Bahria’s world-class projects represent the fastest growth rate in Pakistan. Exterior-inspired street plans, carpeted roads, tiled lanes, streetlights, scenic parks, green spaces, modern amenities and urban standards create stunning views in every neighbourhood. It reflects the evolution of the Bahria Town and complements the exclusive lifestyle of its inhabitants.


  • Bahria Town Masjid in Karachi is the world’s third largest
  • Bahria Town Icon is Pakistan’s tallest building
  • Bahria Town Karachi has most advanced cricket stadium
  • First international standard Theme Park is also situated in Bahria
  • Pakistan’s first 36 holes PGA standard night golfing facility
  • First Hyatt branded hotels are also a part of Bahria Town 
  • Asia’s largest private real estate developer
  • More than 50,000 employees

Corporate Divisions

Not only does it build houses, but Bahria Town also develops planned value-added workshops that cater to the full range of living needs. The City has not only town planners but also entertainment professionals, sports experts, educationists and professionals from a wide variety of disciplines who work to ensure that you live your life to the fullest.


The City of Bahria has mastered the art of town and urban planning and made an incredible dream come true. World-class societies of Bahria Town are far ahead of their time as developments have the latest infrastructure and high-class amenities.

BAHRIA TOWN KARACHI PLOTS (New benchmark in the real-estate of Pakistan)

“Rome was not built in one day” can only be believed by those who have not experienced the rapid development of the Bahria Town Karachi. In scale, quality and logistics, this world-class project surpasses anything Pakistan has ever seen. Launched in 2014, in just six years it has indeed become a “City within a City” and is a vibrant community of thousands of residents with a privileged lifestyle not available anywhere else in Pakistan. It was designed with the concept of the area in mind to provide excellent conditions for its residents, and it has introduced new standards for community development. Attention to detail ensures that all possible services and features are provided that would otherwise be unthinkable in Pakistan.

BAHRIA TOWN LAHORE PLOTS (Jewel Crown of Bahria Town)

The essence of green land with a modern touch is brought back by the ongoing developments of Bahria Town Lahore. Life in Bahria here is taken care of by providing the most traditional facilities and the latest facilities to lead a fulfilling lifestyle. The vast plains dotted with natural green spaces are home to the most modern residential buildings that no other development project has kept up with. Farmhouses, traditional large bungalows, economical housing and luxurious lifestyles combine to create the most diverse and versatile community. The health and leisure facilities as well as business and commercial opportunities, make Bahria Lahore one of the most promising and progressive destinations in Pakistan.


Bahria is exceptional in a sense it reflects the moods or sentiments of these cities – the innovativeness of Islamabad and the Rawalpindi’s historical spirit. The characteristic landscape of the canyon served as the inspiration for the main design of this project. This town is reminiscent of the sculptor’s work who made a landscape art by carving the mountains that rise with the river into a work of art. With the solutions of residence for a varied lifestyle, recreational opportunities, metro services, educational, and medical; it was an innovator in across the country’s real estate development. If you are used to living in a residential area, want to make your dream come true, or are thinking of a comfortable move to a beautifully designed and comfortable home; everything for every taste and financial affordability.

BAHRIA TOWN NAWABSHAH PLOTS (Central Sindh’s Jewel Crown)

Commercial and Residential plots, as well as fully built homes in Bahria City, leave an imprint on the central Sindh with its top-notch planned community. This community was designed with the concept of the area in mind to provide its residents with exceptional living conditions and set new standards for in Nawabshah for community development.

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