How often should I value my house?

How often should I value my house?

When thinking about selling a house, one of the fundamental requirements is to value and appraise the property, but if you don’t plan to sell, how often should you value your house? What is valuing a property? Is valuing the same as doing an appraisal? It is very common to think that the two terms refer to the same thing, but it is important to know the differences.

If your goal is to know the answers to these questions, be sure to read this blog to the end and learn the importance of adding value to your property.

How often should you value your house?

The value or price of a property is without legal value and one way to know how much your property may be worth it is to know the estimate offered by the market. It is not necessary to assess the property every certain time, what is important to do annually is to keep the cadastral or registry data up to date, which values ​​your house.

The data has the objective of describing, locating and informing the physical conditions of the property, which will identify and personalize it. Now if you plan to sell the property, it is very useful to value it to make a calculation of the price you can ask for the property.

 Also, keep in mind the value of property changes over time. Thus, a house is valued, but is valuing the same as valuing a house? Let’s see.

Appraisal and valuation of a house – is it the same?

The appraisal, unlike the appraisal, if it is legal, and the value that is given to the property comes from rate regulations and is a document signed by an architect. The purpose of this document is to guarantee and stabilize the real estate market.

So, as an answer to the question, if valuation and appraisal are the same, we can limit whether it is not, one has a personal scope and the other has a legal scope. In the same way, both documents will give an estimate of the price of the property in case you want to sell it. In the case of the appraisal, it will only be carried out when it is intended to sell.

How can you value your house?

You can value your house, with just a small investment and if you allow your house to deteriorate over time it will devalue. That is why below you will know some improvements, within your reach to give value to your house.

  • Paint both the exterior and interior of the house, because a deteriorated facade devalues ​​your house.
  • Make sure the taps are in good condition; this will prevent future leaks and even save on future bills.
  • Prevent problems such as floor or wall cracks from continuing to advance, by repairing it you give value to your property.
  • Replace the broken glass, it will give your house a new look.

In conclusion, we can give the answer to the question at the beginning. If you want to raise the value personally and through the document, it can be once a year.

Therefore, if you want to sell, you must appraise the house by an architect to determine the price of the property. If this blog was helpful, leave your comment and also share it.

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