How to get more followers on social networks for your real estate

How to get more followers on social networks for your real estate

Table of Contents:

  • Put your profile on public
  • How many followers is the correct number on social media?
  • Advertise your social media accounts everywhere
  • If you are in networks, you cannot let your profiles accumulate dust
  • Generate conversation
  • Let your personality shine

Put your profile on the public

Having a respectable following is one of the first hurdles you need to overcome to make a good first digital impression on your clients.

Your profile on social networks is the first place new clients will look for when they research your business and your service as a real estate. Once you’ve made the first contact through a Google ad, flyer, in-person conversation, or phone call, they will immediately go to their favorite social media platform to investigate you.

When a potential customer visits your Instagram profile, for example, and sees that you have 25,000 followers, they may not be as impressed as you think. Having 25,000 followers is not a bad thing, but clients may leave with the impression that you spend most of your time cultivating your image on social media and not selling houses.

Also, if you have 53 followers and a handful of poor-quality images, they will leave a bad impression.


What we need is an average of 5,000 to 10,000 followers. If your social media profiles organically grow into something bigger, you don’t need to start dropping followers to get back to that sweet spot. Just be transparent about how you got so many followers, show that your main business is the real estate sector and do not give importance to that point.

Why is 5,000 / 10,000 followers a good average for most businesses? In addition to being a relatively achievable number, this number says the following about your activity on the networks:

  1. I see the value in social media, but I’m not obsessed with collecting followers.
  2. My followers are a small group of real people who are interested in my offer.
  3. I focus my time on being a real estate agent, not an influencer; this number results from that.
    Yes, this is your goal; we encourage you to continue reading these tips to achieve that balance point that we propose.


This seems obvious. If you are working on your social networks, you want that effort to be worth it and seen by both your past and current clients. We show you some ideas to get started.

  1. Put your public profile and create a business account (fan page). We want people to be able to see you!
  2. Highlight your social icons on the home page of your website. Most website builders allow you to do this in both the header and the footer of the home page.
  3. Include your social icons in your email signature. Put it both in your newsletter and in any email you send.
  4. Add your social media identifiers (@name of your page) on your business cards.
  5. Choose the content that has worked best each week and promote it in your market area.


Posting consistently is important when it comes to attracting new followers. Remember, people select their news sources, recommended videos, and suggested articles very carefully and will only start following your story after a few weeks of seeing that your content is high quality.

Posting every day may seem like a big task to start with, but as long as you schedule your content at least a week in advance, you’ll be surprised how easy the routine becomes.

Don’t let your accounts get ruined. When potential new customers and followers see that you post content regularly, they will have faith in your business and your offering.


Make sure to set aside a few minutes each day to reply to comments on your accounts and create some on other people/pages. This is a great way to drive organic engagement in your content and show that you are more than just a quality content generator; you are also a person your followers can talk to.


Don’t be afraid to show a bit of your personal life, share a professional joke, or a touching moment that happened to you. You could incorporate these topics in the content calendar.

For example, Mondays are motivational; Tuesdays are for properties; Wednesdays are for posting jokes and jokes; Thursdays are for market updates; Fridays are inspiring stories. On weekends we leave them for long posts or podcasts on your blog.

The most important thing is to generate important content for your audience. It goes without saying but stay away from politics, divisive issues, or anything that might reduce the chance of someone doing business with you. And yes, an inappropriate comment or political opinion can make clients not want to work with you.

And here ends our quick guide to get followers on networks!

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