Pakistan and the issues in Real Estate Industry


Considering that there are potential investors in Pakistan who have been seeking platforms to capitalize their investments and gain benefit to preserve a steady future, there are uncertainties regarding the fluctuating economy of Pakistan which begs the question; What does the future hold for Pakistan’s Real Estate sector?

Real Estate is considered to play a key role in terms of investment prospects globally and major benefits are secured from this segment in foreign countries. However, the inconsistent economy has put this particular segment on a sensitive spot as investors do not want to go through a potential risk due to constantly changing reforms of our government.

Therefore, it creates a barrier between the investor and the real estate market to build a profitable relation and prevent the much-needed economic growth.

CEO of, Mr. Sheikh Shakil Ahmed, discussed on issues surrounding the Political and Real Estate sector and how these issues have been affected by the ever-changing policies, which prevent the investors from playing their part in the already declining values of the realty sector.

He also shared that the issues regarding NAB, CDA, and LDA prohibit a working individual to make a decision, that results in a loss. Despite of all the potential that this market holds, people are not overly fond of stepping in this recognized but untapped market. In all honesty, Pakistan holds great potential in generating profit through this particular market, however, there are risks that we still need to overcome and most of the people in this country are desperately waiting for reforms to become concrete enough to make a profitable investment.

Furthermore, Mr. Sheikh Shakil Ahmed sheds light upon the crises we currently face and how we can overcome them together by taking a bold step by requesting the government to help identify and resolve some of the corruption issues which not only affects the investor but also affects the Real Estate industry and the people working to make it profitable for Pakistan’s economic growth.

He also shared his thoughts on Pakistan’s economic well-being and the value this sector brings and how people of this country are in a dire need of a brighter economical future. Because we should not only focus on the individual motives rather than community building.

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