Why Should You Hire a Real Estate Broker?

Why Should You Hire a Real Estate Broker?

If you are considering listing your property, the fastest and most viable option is to hire a real estate broker. Here we tell you why. A real estate broker is a professional who is dedicated to managing the sale of properties for third parties.

Has timely information on the real estate market and helps me set the price

A professional real estate broker must have extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, in addition to having timely information on the prices at which properties are being sold in each area.

This is essential to be able to establish the correct sale price. Without this information, you run the risk of setting an off-market price, which influences the time it will take to sell your property.

A property with an off-market price will take longer to sell and you will probably end up selling it below what you could have obtained if the right price had been set upfront.

It has a portfolio of pre-qualified clients 

The biggest advantage of a good real estate broker is that you already have a portfolio of potential buyers for your property. 

You don’t have to wait to advertise your property Generally, a good real estate broker has several means through which he is attracting potential buyers, which he then prequalifies.

Know the process and know how to anticipate and solve any problem that may arise

Have you heard of the learning curve? It is the time it takes to learn a new skill. When we start the learning curve, it is normal for us to make mistakes that can cost us money.

A professional real estate broker, apart from knowing how to guide you throughout the process, will know how to anticipate possible setbacks that may arise along the way and resolve any situation that hinders the sale.

In essence, a real estate broker has the experience and “know-how” necessary to bring the sales process to fruition. Besides that, you know the financing process and you will be able to guide potential buyers so that they can formalize their credit so that you can sell.

Time Saving

In the sales process, you should make time to answer calls, attend to clients and then follow up on the credit process.

The time that can be better spent on your productive activities and your family.

Protection and Safety

A real estate broker acts as a filter, allowing you to qualify and separate real clients from those who don’t.
Prevent unscrupulous people from visiting your property posing as a client, endangering your safety and that of your family.

If you are considering taking the step of selling your property, we can help you. We have the experience and client portfolio to sell your property in the shortest time possible. Contact us at sirmaya.com and let’s start the process.

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