Risks of renting a home without a proper contract

Risks of renting a home without a proper contract

You are thinking of renting an apartment or a house. But be careful about the risk of renting a home without a proper contract. What precautions should you take as a tenant?. Are there clauses that can be considered illegal?. What to do if you find that your contract is inadequate?

Read to the end and don’t be fooled by the fine print in a contract that could end up hurting you. Because of this, signing a rental contract is something. That should be read carefully so that you will avoid limiting your rights as a tenant.

Risks of renting a home without a contract

It may be the case that the person who rents is a friend or relative and a verbal agreement is made. Although they are also valid, there are different risks of renting a home without a proper contract. And the risks are not only for the leased but also for the owner. What inconveniences can they present? Let’s see:

  • The payment of the rent: Your payment will have to be made by transfer or can be given in cash form. The payment action being settled and making it clear in the bank specifications, that it is for rent.
  • Lease term: Without a proper lease, the landlord can ask to vacate at six months instead of the year.
  • Rent increases: As the price and the start of the rent payment are not specified by making a verbal contract. The owner will not be able to increase the rent.
  • Subletting: By not having a proper contract if the tenant decides to rent to a third party. It will be difficult to enforce your rights as a landlord. 
  • Purposes for the rental: Without a clear agreement for the purposes of the rental. The landlord may face damage or even illegal activities on his property.
  • Property Damage: If any property damage or artefact arises within it, claims or repair agreements will be difficult to carry out. For not being written and signed the responsibility for property damage.
  • The difficulty of recovering the property: The owner will find it difficult to send to vacate if there is no contract. Specifying that at the time of needing the property, the tenant must leave the house.
  • Return of the deposit: The tenant must keep track of all payments, to guarantee the deposit paid at the beginning.

The tenant without a proper contract Do you have rights?

The answer is affirmative, the tenant, despite not having a suitable contract when renting a home. Putting everything detailed in writing. Also has all the right to enjoy the home. As if you had a formal and signed contract, you can have certain privileges. Such as being the first customer if the home is to be placed for sale.

For these and other reasons, avoiding inconveniences between the interested parties. It is better to make a contract detailing the specifications. The risks of not having an adequate contract can be many. Including that the leased does not want to vacate the property.

If you are a tenant or future leaseholder, it is best to reach a clear but written agreement. Although legal services exist, they are very expensive and take time to fix. If this information has been of benefit, do not hesitate to comment, opportunely share with acquaintances that are planning to rent a property.

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